Week 3 Wrap-Up/Waivers

We’re wrapping it up again at the GFF Podcast… The Bears are who we thought they were!  Green Bae ekes one out.  And Tommy goes Tommy.  Join us for all that and waiver targets.



Recorded 9/26/17


BIG SHOW TIME! We talk about every single game in the NFL this weekend.  Nicky G’s bad luck continues.  Steven deals with some quarterback confusion.  Also, is Trevor Semen for real?  And how about those Browns?  Everybody loves a nice brown.

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recorded 9/22/17

Week 1 Wrap Up

It’s always important to wrap it up, so we are wrapping up NFL Week 1 at the GFF Podcast.  We talk about injuries, Chuck Pagano talks about the 49ers, Steven talks about Fred Savage, and Sergio Dipp tries to talk.  Also we learn about the “Scatback”.  All that and more.

You’ve gotta touch ’em



Recorded 9/13/17

NFL Week 1 Kickoff

The NFL season is about to kick off and we cover some of the most important topics, such as: KCvsNE  #FreeZeke!  How long will Brian Hoyer survive?  Why can’t Markus Wheaton take a finger… injury?  We debut a new interactive nickname for Sam Bradford.  And we talk about PRACTICE

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Recorded 9/6/17